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Melinda is an ordained spiritual Minister who holds the following degrees:

* Licensed Holistic Life Coach -Edgar Cayce’s Institute 

* Highest Master of Akashic Records

* Certified Master of Integrated Energy therapy (IET)

* Highest Master of INFOVISION Academy 

* Certified Edgar Cayce‘s Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Counselor

* Worldwide Certified Transference Healing Master

* Doctor of Metaphysics and Doctor of Divinity

* Certified Trainer of Neuro-Energetic-Rapid-Evolution

* Highest Master of Alchemy 

The following study programs  has been completed in the field of science and spirituality worldwide  (Hungary, Russia, Germany, Turkey, ,Georgia , Malaysia, Thailand , Ukraine , Dominican Republic , Mongolia, USA and England) for the last 35 years:  

* Light and Sound Therapy 

* Biofeedback and PEMF therapy 

* Western Holistic Nutrition

* European Biological Medicine 

* Asian Internal Medicine, 

* Herbal Remedies

* Sustainable living

* Alfa Mind Control

* Quantum Physics 

* Asian Philosophies of the Far East 

* Bible studies –Edgar Cayce 

* Kabala – Jewish mysticism 

* The Knowledge Book: decoding all celestial books 

* Past Life Regression 

* Ancient philosophy and Pythagoreanism

* Science of Sacred Geometry 

Life Story of the Guardian

Melinda Namath was born in Hungary in 1966. Her small village of seven hundred people is located at the bottom of Mount “Somlo”, a 1,400-foot extinct volcano with ruined fortress on the top. From the age of one year old, she was raised by her elderly paternal grandparents Joseph and Maria.

Joseph dedicated most of his time cultivating his vineyard and he was also the village photographer.  Maria spent her days managing the household, her large garden and grew her mysterious herbs. She was a nurse at young age and truly loved people with all her heart, so she served as village’s medicine woman, curing with herbs illnesses that doctors could not. 

The village was almost self- sustaining. Melinda’s Grandparents traded their fine wine for milk, eggs, chickens, goat meat, etc…the rest is all grown in their large garden. They did not think of becoming parents at age sixty-five again, but destiny had other plans for them. 

Melinda’s maternal Grandmother was clairvoyant with strong psychic powers. She used the spirit world to solve people’s problems when prayers did not work. The villagers were afraid of her, as everything unknown and unexplainable created fear in their simple minds, especially if it or she came from Transylvania. 

Melinda grew up listening to all the amazing life stories of elderly people…miseries of wars, victories of revolutions, legendary Bible stories and her neighbors' real-life, day-to-day struggles. Father Stephan, the parish priest, stopped by to enjoy some good wine at his friend’s fireplace almost every night. The village had only one Catholic Church, and only a handful of older villagers attended mass on a regular basis.

Inspired by all stories Melinda heard and the constant intellectual conversational battles of religion and science, she requested to be taught reading at the age of four. Also, she dreamed to visit Father Stephan’s legendary library. Her request was granted as the Father Stephan loved the child as his own.  He enjoyed listening to her stories of her vivid dreams about beautiful stars, amazing planets. He especially loved the ones about the Angels. He did everything he could do to nurture this unique quest for knowledge. 

The villagers called her a “Bookworm” as they never remembered seeing her without a book. She didn’t like the neighbors company anymore or helping with any physical chores around the house or garden. Her greatest pleasure was to hide with her books in some quite corner of the vineyard or climbing up in some old tree. Only her devoted two German Shepards always kept her company and protected her.

This energetic, happy, unstoppable and unusual child surprised everybody. Who would believe that doctors did not expect her to survive long after birth, as she was born with some unknown infections? But her powerful energy, inner light and stubborn character prevailed. Combining medicine, Grandmother’s herbs and prayers she got through these childhood nightmares.

One early morning, when Melinda was seven years old, she told her grandparents that “She had A Dream” in which she had a sister. This would be very nice, as the village had too many boys and almost no girls. “But we are too old to bear a child” answered Maria but Joseph just smiled quietly, like he knew that whatever this child asked for it would be given somehow. The very next day, a national request for help was announced on the radio from an orphanage that was overloaded with children. Her grandparents, seeing this as destiny, adopted two three-year-old girls in 1973.

In elementary school Melinda prepared for her future as “The First Woman Astronaut”.  She won a science competition from an astronomy magazine which gave her the opportunity to spend three summers attending the international astronomy camp for children. She realized that she probably could not pass the astronaut’s medical tests so she decided to follow a new future as a doctor.  “Your health is your wealth “she said. Without health no dreams could be accomplished, as life itself had already proved it to her. She wanted to examine everything from within just like Leonardo De Vinci whom she greatly loved and admired. During her operations of Frogs and Rabbits which were her treasures from the hunting trips with her grandfather, eventually she realized that she could not be a doctor or a hunter either.

Melinda’s grandparents were delighted when she was accepted to the most prestigious and most challenging boarding school of the country. The school was located in a building which used to be the Bishop Palace from the 17th century, then a Monastery. Today it is a museum in the small city of Sumeg. However, after three years at the school her health started to deteriorate. 

Melinda’s weight doubled to 86 kgs (190lbs) in a short period of time. Finally, her doctor figured out the cause of her horrible bone pains. The constant childhood streptococcus infections settled in her bones causing septic bone arthritis which is incurable. “You just need to live with it” - as the doctor stated. “No way, everything is curable except Life.” - she thought, as her grandmother used to say. Of course, the drugs helped a little bit with the infections, inflammation and to lose some weight but destroyed the kidneys. “As for every action there is a reaction!”

Her four years of extensive studies in all science and foreign languages finally are realized. The world opened its door to this Hungarian girl when she was granted a full scholarship by the Hungarian National Bank to attend the Moscow Academy of Finance in Russia.

The village girl suffered adapting to her new life in Moscow with its cold weather, strange foods, and different customs in 1984. Her classmate introduced her to a homeopathic doctor. At that moment, when she heard her favorite sentence: “Everything is curable!” - she knew she was in Heaven.  With Kerosene therapy, herbs from Siberia and fasting in 6 months she was fully cured, back to her natural weight and like a “bad dream” her health problems vanished.

Melinda was mesmerized by the Complex Knowledge of Herbalists, Homeopathic doctors, and Energy healers from throughout the Soviet Union and beyond. She tried to learn as much she could. 

Her classmates came from over thirty-five countries: from Mongolia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Greece, Bulgaria, Syria, Somalia, Poland, East Germany, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, etc.  Melinda loved the variety of cultures, religions and foods. She also wanted to learn the techniques that the simple people in these countries used to heal the bodies and the souls.

While in college, Melinda established a booming trading company with a Russian partner.  With the financial means to explore, she went on her quest to research the knowledge of real life. She visited her friends around the world, traveled to distant villages, sat with healers and shamans, prayed in Buddhist temples with the monks, explored churches, monasteries, and studied all religions and ancient texts to discover their timeless wisdom and forgotten secrets of healing.

She knew that a healthy body must be internally and externally in equilibrium with the outside world. She agreed with German researcher and doctors who united allopathic, isopathic medicine, and homeopathic remedies. But which to use and when? “Only the spirits knew the best” - she thought remembering Edgar Cayce, the “The Seeping Prophet – Godfather of holistic medicine” who used to get his guidance from the Akashic records (Library of Universal Consciousness).

Melinda was about to explore the spirit world more seriously when a world-famous Russian Spirit Medium walked up to her on the streets of Moscow. He saw her light and insisted that she become his private student and not to waste her Transylvanian heritage any longer. 

One of the Master students was Kashpirovsky, a hypnotizing mass-healer, a national celebrity whom the world started to admire a few years later. The Master was a regular guest of the World Mediums TV Show in Japan since 1985.

Melinda dedicated most of her free time to her passions, studying and traveling around the world during her six academic years. She graduated in 1990 with majors in finance, international business and entrepreneurial management. Melinda clearly saw that becoming an investment banker will never be part of her “Book of Life”. 

She spent the next 3 years between Moscow, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia and China managing her export/import company and of course to explore in more depth the ancient cultures, philosophies and real people of these countries.

Since 1984, Melinda passionately worked on her notebook called “The book of Mysteries” – recorded around the world to be investigated.

As a child she recorded her amazing stories in the “Book of Dreams”. Everybody loved to listen to the mysterious stories of little Ms. Andersen, as people called her after that great storyteller of Hans Christian Andersen.

Her childhood village had no electricity for two-three days during the winter snow storms. It was an enchanting time for the villagers.  Dinners were quite rapid these evenings. Just before they heard the distant rings of the church tower bells at 7PM, people picked up flashlights and rushed their way to the rambling yellow house almost hidden by a giant walnut tree and all the snow.

People quietly settled themselves around the burning fireplace eager for a great story that could warm their heart and challenge their imagination for weeks. Like during the midnight Christmas play at the church, you could feel the presence of spirits slowly dancing around, as shadows of flames on the walls. The dogs laid down hiding under the chairs. They sensed the strange power around them. 

Finally when the child closed the book at the end of story, the fire burned out. All the listeners' hearts were filled with hope. Some eyes washed with joyous tears, all spirits were lifted and they felt to be an important part of the giant Universe where they could be anything or whatever they dreamed of. 

Melinda’s dream to learn English came through in 1993 when she attended Columbia University in New York City.  Like most people who have been mesmerized by the city that never sleeps, she loved all of it but she was completely alone.

You would call it coincidence, she called it faith when she met the CEO of Krystaltech International inc, a computer technology company who asked her help with the management of his tech-company in Budapest. That was not exciting for her. However, when she heard that they own thirty-five other trading companies around the world, international banks in Moscow, oil companies in Kazakhstan, cigarette manufacture in Sweden, hologram manufacture in Utah, high tech companies in South Africa, Israel, Spain, Germany, Austria, Brazil, etc. she could not reject the offer. She wanted see it all and she wanted to learn it all. 

Melinda exhausted herself with the exciting New York life and international business completely in 4 years. Karma as she saw it, the law of cause and effect fired back. Her weight dropped to ninety lbs, she was fainting, horrible muscle pains, suffering from reoccurring different infections, brain fog, anxiety, etc. The doctors with all their fancy testing could not find the cause, nor to give any diagnosis on her mysterious sickness for over six months. Today they would say she had Fibromyalgia but 25 years ago they really had no clue.

“Enough is enough, they may kill me with their antibiotics and with all these tests” - she thought. “I have only one option - to heal myself.” 

Therefore, Melinda called everybody around the planet whoever she knew or was referred to through friends, doctors, clinics, labs, scientists, etc. then asked her “Guides” to direct her to write a plan for complete healing. She created her plan in 7 days as the Lord did when he created the Earth and the Heavens. Next day she quit her job. “Just like sick animals we need water and lots of sleep first” said the voice in her head. “Detox, balance and rebuild…” was her next commands.

The following week she looked for a Chinese herbalist to help to clean her kidney and liver. Acupuncture could bring back the body to balance then we have to build up the immune system with good nutrition, supplements and lots of vitamin injections of C, B complex, B6 which are almost equivalent to IV vitamin therapy today. Aloe vera, the ancient healer, in injections forms killed and sucked up all the infections and mysterious pathogenic germs or bacteria in her body. 

The last command was sunshine and fresh air in her plan. So she fell in love with the Caribbean. Vitamin D is needed with chlorophyll to build proteins and muscles. Race horses are vegetarians! All the Magic worked, in 40 days she was back to a wonderful life and in 90 days she forgot all about the doctors, at least for the next 10 years.

She took out her notebook “The book of Mysteries” where you could find amazing stories of unexplained healings, Mongolian burial traditions proving reincarnation, the story about a little boy whose leg grew back as he truly believed its normal, like his for his beloved pets, the salamanders tail could grow back, electrotherapies and light therapies used quite often in early 1900’s, quantum theories, etc.

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, to enjoy….and then we return Home. But We are truly here for others.” - she thought. Therefore the Book of Mysterious shall be solved and shared with others. That shall be her mission in Life.

However Life requires Money and Dreams require Time!!! Melinda started her real estate career in 1998. She has been involved in the sale of residential and commercial condos, coops, townhouses, land, development sites/ projects and hotels worldwide. She has joined Ocean Sand Development LLC as a Director of Sales and Marketing in 2007 in Dominican Republic for three years. 

For the last 10 years Melinda is the CEO of Terra Firma Realty Inc., a commercial brokerage firm that manages all U.S. real estate assets and bank accounts for high-net worth international investors  and foreign investment firms.

Parallel to her business she is actively pursuing her dreams of the “Book of Mysteries.” As you may read above Melinda spends tremendous time annually on her research and education in health, science, spirituality and technology around the world.

Caribbeans gifted her not only with sunshine but some digestive problem too. It was no news that doctors could not find anything exactly wrong with her. Every undiagnosed digestive problems our doctors call IBS. They recommend “to adjust to a healthy lifestyle or diet”. If you won’t clear the cause of your sickness you just clear the symptoms you never will be healed and will get worse. This includes some auto immune diseases, asthma, sleep apnea, diabetes, Parkinson’s, etc…then cancer.

Symptoms are the cries for help! Let’s be frank about the way medicine is practiced today. Knowing the cause and fixing what ails patients simply isn’t profitable.

Soon Melinda had leaky gut syndrome but she knew the lesson of how to heal herself. Doctors did not test for Mold, Fungus, Candida, Mycoplasmas, Lyme, Helicobacter, etc. 14 years ago, they still don’t if you have some little digestive problems even if you persistently tell them that you feel that something wrong.

The causes of most diseases are bad Pathogens (virus, bacterium, microbe, fungus) which are very hard or almost impossible to eradicate from the human body. Pathogens are more rapidly mutating and evolving than our medicine these days. Pathogen’s evolutionary success resides in their ability to develop resistance to antibiotics and vaccines, also they able to encapsulate themselves, to hibernate, to hide in tissue or cell membranes for years. 

Only you can heal yourself with the right Knowledge and Guidance.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” as the genius Nikola Tesla said.

For the last 3 years Melinda is passionately working on how to combine all her lifetime knowledge and experiences into one complex program. It will combine the high-tech technology and ancient methods with the help of scientists around the world, incorporating it with her knowledge of alchemy and guidance from the Akashic records.

Melinda is currently working on her new website a “Universal Wisdom Club” called The Temple of Guardians ( Her long-term goal is to build a unique clinic, The House of Guardians which shall be a Temple of Purification and Light. But until then she will coach through her live seminar series starting in July 2019.

Her metaphysical book “The Science of Prayers” or The Book Light will be released in 2020.

It’s a possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.