"PEMF therapy is the most advanced form of exercise, working on a cellular level it produces the same effects and benefits as physical exercise, but without the stress and strain upon your muscles and bone.           

By restoring the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy through PEMF therapy, cell metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved and oxygen carrying capacity is increased."


“Oxygen slows down the  aging process and  supports normal cellular  regeneration  

90% of the body’s energy  comes from oxygen, 10% comes from food and  water

Oxygen helps the body  neutralize environmental toxins

Oxygen lowers blood  pressure, strengthens the heart and cardiovascular  system

Oxygen helps eliminate  harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus  and other parasites

Oxygen is required for  the absorption and utilization of essential vitamins,  minerals and proteins

Oxygen increases fat  metabolism, aiding in weight loss and the reduction of  body fat

Oxygen aids in normal detoxification of blood

Oxygen can induce a state of calm,balanced emotions “

                             “The Green Body Cleanse by Dr. Edward F.Group  III”