Diapulse Treatment Center - Brooklyn, NY
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Authorized sales representatives for Diapulse Corp. 


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The Private Guardian: Personal Service
90 days, 24/7 program


Don’t be Alone in Difficult Times

* Personalized care based on assessing the client’s needs, goals, focus, crises and life situation. 

* Individually-crafted action plans: 40 days, 90 days and - beyond. 

* Outline action steps for your optimal health plan. 

* Create a recommended treatment program for specific illnesses based on alternative medicine and medical diagnostic tools and therapeutic techniques which use innovative, cutting-edge technologies.

* We discuss your potential therapies with global physicians, specialized clinics, research institutes with whom I have worked with or met.

* Locate the root and cause of your illness and then focus on treating the causes, not only the symptoms, as our traditional medical system does. 

* Read your Akashic records that can reflect light on the hidden causes of your ailment and provide us insights to your treatment program. 


The technique used by Edgar Cayce “the sleeping prophet" and “the father of holistic medicine"

* Write your comprehensive detoxification plan: colon, blood, lymphatic system and cellular level.

* Guide you to create your "Private Nucleus Program" 

          - locate and eradicate bad Pathogens 

          - regenerate weak or diseased organs 

          - rebuild the immune system  

* Write your personalized diet and nutrition plan. 

* Help with your necessary food, supplement and supply shopping.


* Teach you organic wellness cooking based on your personal needs and food energy compatibility. 


* Help you prepare your healing foods and juices.

* Teach you a scientific breathing technique that will significantly improve your energy levels and strengthen your immune system.   


* Set up and organize your toxin- free house. 


* Offer options to neutralize harmful EMF and WIFI radiation in your surrounding environment.  


* Locate and neutralize the unhealthy geopathogenic zones in your house. 


*  Test your food and supplements’ energy compatibility with your body. 


* Offer use of my Diapulse machine for daily PEMF and oxygen treatments. 


* Create exercise programs. 


* Use my aura energetic imaging technology to record and monitor your energy field. 


* Accompany you to your doctor visits and travel with you to wellness centers and clinics. 


* Suggestive therapeutics - creating a daily mantra (self- hypnotic text) using brainwave codes. 

* Teach techniques how to normalize your Aura – Energy field.  

* Provide counseling on emotional trauma, loss of loved ones, depression/anxiety, self-esteem, “losing your ground” due to any cause. 


* Provide emotional support as you heal or cope with Your situation.  


* Private weekly transference healing sessions.  


* Guide your daily meditation and/or prayer practices upon request. 


* Provide Past Life regression session. 


* Share my wisdom on the quantum language of healing, peace, abundance, and transformation.